About Us

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QS Technology Co.,Ltd. We take pride in being the first entity to develop, apply, and commercialize CNC control products in Vietnam. After several years of development, QS Technology branded products continue to gain increasing trust and attention from both domestic and international customers. In addition to these strengths, accumulated experience over many years in the fields of machinery manufacturing, automation systems, and electronic circuit boards further enhances our capabilities. We are confident in mastering technology and being able to satisfy the desires of our customers.

“Since November 2018”

Core values

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QS Technology


Become the number one entity in the CNC field in Vietnam. Deliver high-quality products to serve the domestic market. Bring products created with the intellect and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people to the international stage.


Become a leading force driving the dynamic development of the CNC industry in Vietnam in the future.

QS Technology

“There is no secret to success. It is simply the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failures.”

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