DNC drip feed device for CNC machine Micro DNC 2D

Installation Manual

DNC drip feed device for CNC machine Micro DNC 2D

Product Details

Items Value
Product specification Dimension 110 x 75 x 30 (mm)
USB port 2 port
Voltage input 12 VDC
RS232 port 1 port
Case material Aluminum
LCD size 3.2 Inch
Memory 4Gb


1. DNC Transfer

This feature enables operators able to transfer the working program to CNC machine with 3 steps:

1. Setting up the speed (baudrate)

2. Select working program

3. Start machining process

2. Toolpath Simulation

Micro DNC 2D model allows operators able to check the shape, toolpath of working program to ensure accuracy.

3. Edit

Operators able to edit working program directly on DNC device without using computer.

4. Online Data Management

Reducing the moving between machines to upload working program. Manage, monitoring the working process.



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