QS company was established in 2018 based on the enthusiasm and passion of a team of engineers with many years of operation in the field of CNC machine tools. Experiencing many events, as well as difficulties in the process of research and development of supporting products for the CNC field. Up to now, after many years of operation and accumulation of experience, we have had 5 years of experience. in researching, manufacturing and manufacturing controllers (H7K Series) for CNC machines, multi-application electronic circuit boards, upgrading and repairing CNC machines (milling/turning).

              During our operation, we constantly improve, absorb feedbacks from customers, improve and innovate every day to improve service quality. With the motto of operation

“Quality, Prestige, Satisfaction”

Customers’ needs are put first, QS Technology’s products are fortunate to receive acceptance and trust from businesses and consumers at home and abroad and are widely popular in each school university education.

Understand the difficulty and urgency when machinery breakdown occurs. According to the slogan

“Fast, Accurate, Efficient”

QS Technology with a team of experienced engineers in repairing and maintaining CNC machines, is always quick to identify the problem, Find out the exact cause of the error, give the plan, configure the system accordingly. suitable for machine troubleshooting.

QS Technology provides services for customers who need, maintain and upgrade electrical systems, controllers, besides we also organize training, user manuals, programming for controllers ( H7K series ), with the aim of helping users get the most out of the controller’s functions